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A Terroir and people

A place, a story, a project

I n the heart of the Côtes de Bourg, Château Les Graves de Viaud extends over 15 ha on a south-facing hillside made up of vines, meadows and woods. It is in this beautiful environment that 11.5 ha of vines are planted on gravelly clay soils.

It is here that in 2010 after rich professional careers in other trades that we settled.

Château Les Graves de Viaud is committed to viticulture that respects the environment and life in general. Well beyond our organic and biodynamic approach, we opt for an agriculture that respects the soil (conservation agriculture) and animal life (removal of all animal manure).

Château Les Graves de Viaud, Nature emotion

Nature at the center of know-how

Since 2010, we have been practicing organic and biodynamic agriculture.

We use Bordeaux mixture, herbal preparations, and yeast and bacterial fermentations to fight disease.

We fertilize our soils with plant seedlings and biodynamic preparations.

Plowing is totally prohibited, as well as animal composts generally resulting from industrial breeding.

We are engaged in a vast program of replanting trees in the form of feeder and forest hedges and trees in the vineyards in agro-forestry.

Simply organic and natural wines

Our Demeter specifications impose us a vinification without input, only sulfur is authorized. The fermentations are done with indigenous yeasts. We favor deep and gentle extractions, either by punching down or by shedding. The fermentations are long at least 25/35 days. Aging is what will give style to the wines. Our fruit wines are aged in vats or in amphora with weekly lees stirring for 1 year. The other cuvées are aged in barrels, the choice of barrels of their size and their age depends on the type of wine, the maturity of the vintage, in respect of the wine.